Neon Sign Restoration for the Oakland Floral Depot with Aargon Neon

Together with Aargon Neon we fulfilled this neon sign restoration for the Oakland Floral Depot, a classic Art Deco building that’s almost a hundred years old. Neon signs are timeless and with our restoration service, its signage has been maintained and will shine on for many years to come.

Neon Sign Restoration to Preserve Classic Signage


There is something about timeless signs that makes them unforgettable and irreplaceable. They have become part of the local scene, visually distinct compared to newer signs. Older signs don’t have to be replaced with more modern counterparts, they can be maintained and restored. With the right care and repairs, their unique designs will continue to be part of the local cityscape.

Neon signs are a particularly timeless type of signage. They have a retro look to them, yet the illuminated signs can still convey a sense of futurism. The Oakland Floral Depot with its distinct Art Deco style definitely has that retro-futuristic aesthetic. This iconic building was the Art Deco Society of California’s first preservation project. And Berkeley Signs is once again proud to be part of these efforts to safekeep culturally and artistically significant sights in the community. This would not have been possible without the collaboration of Aargon Neon, a high-quality neon sign specialist that has been lighting places up since 1975.

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