12k white gold sign by Steve Vigeant Sign Specialist at Berkeley Signs A San Francisco Bay Area Sign Company

12k White Gold Sign by Steve Vigeant at Berkeley Signs – A San Francisco Bay Area Sign Company

12k White Gold Signage by Berkeley Signs-A San Francisco Sign Company. Gold leaf is available in many varieties ranging from 12K white gold signage to 23K deep gold signage which may be left plain for a look of elegant simplicity. It can also be accented with an outline or shade of any color desired. We completed the San Francisco City Hall Sign with 23 Kt Gold Mirrored Gold. Two tone gold leaf lettering 12k white gold signage and 23k deep gold signage combines mirror and satin finishes to enhance visibility. Gold leaf lettering can also be completed with colored centers, gold outline and any other designs that you would like to have at your business storefront. Embossed gold leaf centers are probably the most beautiful and striking effect possible to enhance any storefront exterior. The embossed gold leaf centers have a heavy texture that stands out from the outlines and gives a very memorable appearance. San Francisco Bay Area Sign Company specializes in 12k white gold sign. Contact Steve Vigeant – Berkeley Signs – A San Francisco Bay Area Sign Company Since 1989. Berkeley Signs – A San Francisco Bay Area Sign Company features classic workmanship utilizing a wide variety of sign making techniques – from traditional handpainting, gold & copper leaf, painted decoration, dimensional letters, painted murals and artistic finishing to the latest in waterjet-cut metal, laser-cut acrylic, plotter-cut vinyl and digital imaging. We enjoy participating in sign restorations throughout Northern California, especially when we can sustainably re-use, preserve or recycle materials. We maintain successful relationships with hundreds of local businesses that are widely viewed by thousands in the San Francisco Bay Area – Northern California each day. Our clients range from small retail shop owners and home-owners to a list of corporate, industrial and non-profit institutions in numerous municipalities. In 2006 we were featured in the internationally distributed Sign Craft magazine. Steve Vigeant has written over 100 articles for Sign & Digital Graphics Magazine (formerly Sign Business Magazine) which cover many topics relating to sign making.